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Non return valve NOZZLE type.

NZZ 600


ANGODOS AG-NZZ is an total flow non return valve, built by a cast body that allows to safely control the unique direction of a fluid within the pipe due to the closing of the shutter when slowing the fluid speed.

The closure is vulcanized to the obturator, obtaining a smooth surface with very low roughness and hydrodynamic shape, achieving a tight seal by the axial is placement of the obturator in the same direction of the axis of the pipe The shutter guide system reduces vibrations in the system even at low speeds, geting long life of the valve, reducing maintenance operations, The internal hydrodynamic design, ensures low head loss avoiding the risk of cavitation even at high speeds and  liminating the possibilities of internal turbulence. The flow is laminarized avoiding the implosion of cavitation bubbles in the walls of the valve or the pipe.

The precision in machining guarantees us the uniformity of the seat, ensuring the water tightness under the most adverse conditions. The internal hydrodynamic design and the total section, give it exceptional hydrodynamic characteristics, minimizing the loss of load,


Main features.

  • High capacity norn return valve
  • Minimum head loss, maximum energy efficiency.
  • Drastic reduction of hits in the closing due to the linear movement of the short stroke shutter.
  • Low maintenance due to reliable design, robust, compact, simple and easy installation.
  • Cavitation free operation.
  • Manufactured with high quality materials, suitable for contact with human consumption water and totally resistant to corrosion.
  • Closure design ensures long life elastomer.
  • Side flat seals embedded in the body (optional).
  • Flanges according UNE-EN 1092 or ANSI.
  • Low friction and maintenance free on guided set..
  • Wide manufacturing range, from DN100 to DN1000 for nominal pressures PN10 / 16/25/40.
  • Suitable for installation in drinking water networks or networks of reused water up to 60ºC.
  • Possibility of manufacturing in other materials.
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