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ANGODOS MNZ is a flanged check valve with multi-orifice

ANGODOS MNZ is a flanged check valve with multi-orifice system that will automatically close by the effect of a speed reduction. It consists of a body made of two conic parts made of welded Steel or ductile cast iron. This parts of the body flange a multi-orifice disc made of stainless Steel which is the base for the closing. The body also includes Windows for maintenance works and optionally the installation of a by-pass system. The nozzle are completely vulcanized of EPDM (other elastomer available for every kind of fluid) assuring an uniform seat and avoiding critical leaking by pressure discontinuities at the sealing area. The nozzles will move always guided by the use of shafts in the fluid direction. The multi-nozzle system will automatically close the valve by a reduction or change of speed and direction, this closing will happen fast due to the assistant of the resort installed which also allows the valve to work in any position. Using this system the nozzles will move just 15mm so the valve will sudden close silently, avoiding slams and vibration.


  • Ultra fast closing system when changing the flow direction.
  • Works on every position.
  • Cavitation free.
  • Hydrodynamic design which avoids head-loss.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Sizes from DN150 toDN1600.
  • Nominal pressure PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40.
  • Made with top quality materials, certified for drinking water and highly corrosion resistant.
  • Completely watertight closing system.
  • Flange connection according to UNE-EN 1092/ ANSI
  • Optimum performance in clean water and reused water systems up to 60ºC.
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